Restaurant visits


One of the hardest things in a new country is speaking to a stranger.  We practiced ordering food in restaurants in class, and we visited Albert’s Restaurant at the end, to practice in the community.  Many students still wanted to practice speaking to a server, so we made another restaurant visit on Friday, to the Commodore.  Located on Jasper Avenue and 107 Street, this is one of the oldest restaurants in Edmonton.  It opened 60 years ago!


On Thursday, the beginners’ communication class tried out asking for directions.  After 3 practice sessions in class, we went out to the corner of Jasper and 107 where there were lots of strangers to talk to.  Everyone took turns approaching a stranger to ask them a question: “Is there a drug store near here?, “Where is Corona Station?”, “Does this bus go to West Edmonton Mall?”.  Almost everyone was very afraid, but everyone earned a small chocolate bar for talking to a stranger.  I hope that it’s easier for everyone, next time they have to get directions!

4 comments on “Restaurant visits

  1. Ellen: Thank you for teaching us to speak English. It is easy when we share experiences in class and real life

  2. thanks for the help. This block is very nice , because we learn more with many activities and it’s interesting and great.

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