I want to be a resident in Canada!


Many of my students want to stay in Canada, and they are trying to become a resident.  If you’re already working in Canada, you may qualify for residency, but you’ll have to take a test to shows your skills with an official language (English or French).  The 2 tests that are recognized are IELTS and CELPIP.


Each test has a different format.  Both tests are similar in cost.




IELTS – The International English Language Testing System

IELTS is jointly managed by Cambridge University, the British Council, and IELTS in Australia.  The test uses mainly UK English, and all writing is done with pencil and paper.  The speaking is an interview format, with a tester.  The General writing tasks include writing a letter and writing an opinion essay.  These tasks are quite difficult if you have been away from school for a long time.  Most students find that they need to prepare carefully to succeed at this test.

A newer test in Canada is the CELPIP test:



This test has a different format.  Everything is done on a computer, and the English is Canadian English.  The writing tasks are an informal and a formal letter.  The speaking is done using the computer.  Several listening and speaking tasks include describing a picture.

If you want to take a language test to become a Canadian resident, you should try both sample tests to see what format is best for you.  It will be important to take time to study regularly, and a class or a tutor can help you to do that.  Ask me if you have any questions about the tests and how to get ready.

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