Summer weekend

Summer weekends go quickly. It’s important to enjoy all of the activities that you can. CCI/LEX held their annual Summer Celebration, and students, staff, volunteers and family members enjoyed good food, fun games, and conversation. The picnic was held on the Legislature grounds, so we took a tour of the building (available 362 days/year, for FREE!) before going outside.

Every weekend, there are many kinds of races and other athletic events. The Color Me Rad Run (from the US) was a lot of fun, with everyone getting covered in many different colours. Camping is available in every different direction. This weekend, I camped right inside Edmonton, at Rainbow Valley Campground!

As I mentioned in earlier posts, there are also pow wows on the different First Nations all through the summer. I visited Alexander. Unfortunately, it got cold and rainy very quickly, so it wasn’t comfortable to go on the Alexis. In spite of the bad weather, there was a great turnout to enjoy the day. The seating was under cover, but I didn’t bring warm clothing or a blanket. The sights and sounds were fantastic.

How about you? What did you do to enjoy your time off work this last week?

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