How to Write in English Like a Native Speaker | English Harmony

How to Write in English Like a Native Speaker | English Harmony.

This is advice about writing in English from Robby, who also posts videos every day on

First of all – who said I’m providing advice to wannabe writers and publishers? I’m giving useful tips for the average foreign English speaker who wants to learn how to write faster, more efficiently and in a native-like fashion at work in terms of professional correspondence, in college and maybe on their personal blog.

If you need to write for university and a professional environment, it’s likely necessary to use a more formal style, but I agree with Robby that the main goal of writing is communication, so you want to use clear and simple language, as much as possible.  One excellent piece of advice that he gives is to check phrases on Google, to get a better idea of what sounds correct.  In English (and most languages) we often use a particular verb with a particular noun, and it looks really strange to your reader when you use a different combination.  Robby suggests searching different options on Google, or even just typing in the word that you want to use, and you’ll see a lot of possible combinations come up.  A good English-English dictionary will also suggest several phrases with any new word.

I see that many students avoid writing in English, and they prefer to focus on their oral communication.  In my opinion, it’s really useful and important to write about everything new that you learn, using English.  It gives you a permanent record of what you have learned, you have time to really think about what you want to say, and when you write, you use more parts of your body and your brain, and that helps you to remember things for longer.  I don’t mean just writing out lists of words from class, I mean really using written English to communicate.  Start sending emails or text messages to people in English as soon as you can.  You’ll get feedback about how clear your writing is, and you can continue to improve and feel confident.

Start by sending me a comment!

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