What To Avoid When Preparing For The TOEFL

This post makes many good suggestions for preparing for a language proficiency exam. Even if you are very fluent in English, each exam has a specific format. It will save you a lot of time and increase your mark a lot, if you prepare carefully for the actual test you are taking. These tests are very expensive and stressful, so do your best to prepare for taking your test!

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If you’re the stubborn type, you’ll get sick and tired of everybody telling you how to approach the TOEFL and you’ll do the opposite; if you’re the lazy type, you’ll probably try to find shortcuts to obtaining a good score. Well, when everyone is telling you what to do, perhaps being told what not to do would prove more useful. The first and most important thing you should avoid is considering yourself too good at English to practice at all. Indeed, perhaps you are as good as you think, but the TOEFL assesses English in an academic style, not general knowledge of the language. If you do decide to do some studying, avoid doing it in the last minute. Imagine living the worst case scenario: one day before the actual exam, you get bored and decide to browse some TOEFL materials and do a mock test. Things aren’t as nearly…

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