Interesting exercise!

Right now, we’re studying about exercise in the morning class.  Luckily, most students in this class love to exercise, so we had the chance to go visit the Don Wheaton YMCA to try out their equipment.  What a beautiful facility, with many choices of activities!

Here in Edmonton, we’re so lucky with all of the choices that we have for staying active.  I think that this city has more swimming pools and recreation facilities than any other place that I’ve visited.  Not only that, but the beautiful River Valley is fantastic for walking, running, cycling, and many other activities.  If you like sports, there are many teams and leagues for indoor and outdoor sports, both competitive and recreational.  There are many golf courses all around the city, and there are small ski hills in the city, as well as the giant Rocky Mountains a few hours away.

In the winter, I love to ski, skate, and snowshoe, and there are lots of places to go for all of these activities.

To stay in shape, I’ve started going to November Project Canada.  We meet outdoors, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 6 am, near the city centre.  The exercise is hard, but it’s fun to be active with a big group of people, while most people in the city are still asleep.

I love to go hiking, walking on the hills near the city, or in the mountains, and I had the chance to visit Lake Louise and Moraine Lake for the Thanksgiving weekend.  It’s a lot of fun to hike with a group of people, and there are many hiking groups in Edmonton.

Another activity to enjoy, now that summer is over, and before the snow has arrived is indoor climbing.  There are several climbing gyms in the city, and some clubs of people who meet to go climbing.  Most climbers really enjoy the mental challenge of choosing the best route, as well as the physical challenge of supporting your body weight on a tiny little ledge.

What kind of exercise do you enjoy?  Have you found somewhere that you can do it yet?

One comment on “Interesting exercise!

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