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Poundmakers Round Dance Poster

Poundmakers Round Dance Poster

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Many visitors to the blog were interested in Aboriginal activities.  There will be a round dance coming up on Saturday, November 23, and Poundmakers Lodge Treatment Centre, which is just north of Edmonton on 142 Street, on the southeastern edge of St. Albert.  A round dance is very different from a pow wow, although the drumming and singing may sound similar.  Many communities and families host round dances during the winter season. Most of the people who attend will participate in the dancing, which is usually in a circle, around the drummers.  Often, the dancing doesn’t start until pretty late in the evening, and people will stay well into the night.  There is no cost to attend, and alcohol and drug use is always prohibited.

This article gives more information about the reasons for a round dance:

This website also has a few photos and videos to give you a better idea.

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