#Nerdlution and So Can You (FAQ)

Here’s an idea, to help you make one change that you’d like to make, for 50 days. They call it a “#Nerdlution”, which is like a resolution for nerds, people who really like books and studying. Anyway, my nerdlution is to do a plank every day, adding 5 seconds for as long as I can, and also to post something to the blog as often as possible. Let me know if you make a “nerdlution”

Christopher Lehman

Twitter + friends + a comet crashing through the sun = #nerdlution.

Something was seriously in the air Thanksgiving day.  I, for some reason thought to myself, “I should do 100 push-ups today.”

Then, I did.

Then, I thought, “I should do this every. day.”

To which I thought, “stop Chris, this is crazy talk.”

Fast forward only a few hours and I am on twitter, natch, and come across this exchange (images from Franki’s blog):

So, I opened my big mouth:

And then Colby Sharp smartly put “Nerdy” (as in Book Club) and “Resolution” (as in New Year’s) together and coined #nerdlution.   Somewhere in this mix the idea of doing something for 50 days, whatever you choose to do, however you want to do it, came up. Franki does the best job of being a #nerdlution historian on her post (which you should read).

Add in some

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