50 day plan for success: 2/3 of my resolutions

I posted a week ago about the 50 day resolution or “nerdlution”.  A resolution is a promise that you make to yourself, and usually, it involves changing behaviour in some way, to help you become more successful.  I think that habits are “building blocks” for success.  If we really want to reach big goals, then we need to build habits that will help us to achieve those goals.  It really helped me a lot, when I learned that it takes at least 21 days to create a new habit.  After that, you don’t need to think so hard about your new behaviour, it has become something that you do pretty automatically.  So, when my friends began to talk about making a 50-day resolution, I thought that was a great idea.  I prefer to try something new for a set amount of time, and then I can assess whether or not it was a good change to make and to continue making.  One resolution that I made in September was to get up early for exercise every day for 1 week.  That was when I started going to November Project Canada http://november-project.com/edmonton-ab-canada/ After the first couple of weeks, I didn’t want to continue waking up early every day, but it’s been no problem for me to attend November Project 3 mornings/week at 6 am, as long as my car and my body are working okay!  It’s so much fun to get outside and be active with a team, in the dark, and in the cold.  On Friday, when the windchill was -37 degrees, this was our turnout:

-37 degrees, 37 people exercising in the dark!  December 6/2013

-37 degrees, 37 people exercising in the dark! December 6/2013

You can see that everyone dressed in very warm clothing, but we did hills for 30 minutes, and felt great about it!

Now, I made 3 resolutions from December 2/2013 until January 20/2014.  1 is to blog more, so you can see that I’m adding something to the blog every day, and sometimes more.  I hope that what I add is interesting and useful.  I can see that many people are visiting from around the world.

My second resolution is to plank every day.  Planking is an exercise that works your whole body, and the main idea is to stay very still in the position with only your elbows and your toes on the floor.  It looks like this:

Planking: what, how, and why

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