English Grammar: Weird Plurals Infographic

I was just thinking about posting something about irregular plurals, and then saw this lovely chart. The ones that I think are most confusing are child/children, person/people, deer/deer, and mouse/mice. Also the many clothing items that are singular, like pants, but we treat them like plurals, because we talk about them as a pair. There’s no special rule for most of these strange words, so you just have to try to memorize the exceptions, especially children and people.


English developed from many different languages, and as a result, it has some curious and non-intuitive rules. Here is a helpful post on “weird” plurals from Grammar.net.


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One comment on “English Grammar: Weird Plurals Infographic

  1. Mouse and Mice, but not House and Hice 😉

    I hate the modern trend to talking about a ‘pant’, caused by poor training in English in school (my not-so-humble opinion, of course) 😉 They are plural because they are made of two pieces, which in days gone by were not always joined as they are now. Glasses, the same; one could have a monocle or ‘glass’, or binocle (??) or ‘glasses’.

    I had most of my training in English from my Mum; but I also had two years of Latin via correspondence in Grades 11 and 12. what a difference that made! My general interest in language, languages and languaging (use of language) has contributed, too, of course.

    That’s a great infographic, Ellen! Thanks a lot. ~ Linne

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