Introduce a family member


The first topic we study in Intermediate A is introducing yourself, and I think this is one of the most important things to do well in English.  You’ll have to speak about yourself more than almost any subject, so it’s good to develop a “script” to introduce yourself quickly and easily.  It’s also important to know common questions that people will ask you about yourself, so that you can answer them correctly and confidently.  Here are some excellent introductions that students wrote about family members:

Our Family Members

She is my mother, G. She is from Mexico City and she is 52 years old but everyone calls her by her nickname “Goya”. She was born and raised in Mexico. Everyday she goes to the fitness center because she says that health is the most important way to begin the day. She’s been married for 38 years and she has 2 sons. Actually she has one granddaughter and now she is a grandmother. My mother has a jewelry shop in Mexico, City and has many customers. She is very nice and happy. She likes to listen to music, and her favorite style is romantic music and she enjoys live music. She has only one brother, they are very close. She works very hard and she has met all her goals in her life. Every Friday she goes to church to learn about the Catholic religion. Also, she likes to travel very much and recently she traveled to Jerusalem to learn more about the history of Jesus. She enjoys preparing food for her family because she loves them. She is very sentimental and realistic.


S is my brother. He’s 35 years old; he was born and raised in Algeria. He didn’t move. He’s a policeman and he started in his career in 1999. He didn’t graduate from school. He’s married and has a daughter. Her name is N and she’s almost 1 year old. He lives with his family in my parents’ home.

I talk with my brother S once a month because he’s too busy in his work, and I talk with him when he’s at home. S likes to watch live sports on TV and his favourite sports to watch are soccer and tennis games. He likes to play soccer too.


Her name is V, she’s my mother, she’s seventy-seven years old and she lives in Leon, Spain. She was a housewife and now she’s a widow. She was married for twenty-five years. She has one sister and one brother, she has one son and one daughter, and they are older. We see each other twice per year, in the summer and at Christmas.

She likes parties with her friends and playing cards. Also she likes snow and she would be happy living in Canada.

She’s the older of her siblings. Her mother was also a widow. She wears glasses and she likes to go walking.


My daughter, R is 18 years old and she was born in 1994 on December 24 in Ethiopia, in front of my workplace. R is my second daughter and she is a student. At this time she has a part time job in Coast Edmonton House Hotel at the front desk. In the workplace she makes $15.50 per hour. R wrote an exam yesterday. My daughter’s next plan is to go to university.      


Her name is J. When we were girls we always fought, but now we don’t. She is my favorite cousin. She is 22 years old. She lived in DF but she moved to Guadalajara, and after she moved to Sahuayo almost eight years ago. She lives in Sahuayo now, her house is across from my house; she is my neighbor too. J works at TELMEX, it’s a phone company and she is very happy to work there. She has 2 sisters, 1 older sister and 1 younger sister. She had a boyfriend two months ago but they broke up. She is single now. Three times a week, at almost 6 o’clock we went to the park and hung out there with our friends, and after that, we went out for dinner. We were always together at parties and concerts. Maybe she will visit me in Canada on vacations. I’m happy about that.


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