Students’ Favourite Music and movies


Unit 2 in Intermediate A is about going out, and we learn about genres (types/kinds) of music and movies.  Music is very important to many people, and it can be a good way to help to learn a new language (see


The genres of music that I like are: jazz, rock, pop music, blues, and classical music. In my opinion, music is very interesting because it can transform feelings and it doesn’t matter the language or the country; the most important thing is listening and feeling. When I am listening to music, my mind is in another space and I am relaxing. In my home I always listen to my favorite music.

In order to learn to English I am listening to music by The Beatles because in my opinion their style is better for learning.

My favorite movies are comedy, action, fiction and musical. The names of the movies are “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, “Rent” and “Avatar”.


I love to listen to music. The kind of music that’s my favorite is classical music.  My country’s classical music is very nice. The times when I listen to music are at breakfast time, at lunchtime, and at rest times. In my country, in coffee houses and hotels you can always listen to classical music. In my life, music is very important. And in my other free time, I watch TV with my daughters.


My name is I. I like to listen to pop music. I like to listen at night but not all of the time. Music is not important in my life. I like to watch movies because I think it’s good for my language. But sometimes in my free time, I watch the news because every day there is new news from my country. I like news. I love Arabic music, and that’s all I listen to with my friends. I watch history moves because I like history and at the same time, I can study this subject. I do not like action movies because there are many liars in these movies. But history movies are true. Media is very important in life because with media we can learn many things we cannot live without.


Music is very in important in life.  A lot of people listen to music but it’s different between one person and another. I love music but not all the time. l prefer to listen to music in the morning, but not just any music. I listen to classical music. In my country, music is not important. We played music at parties or some other time. I listen to music in the car with my friends. I have some songs that are nice for me because they remind me of when I was a child. In the past, I listened to music on cassettes, but now I listen to the Internet.  It’s easy and you can find any music you need. I always like classical music.


My favorite kinds of music are rock, pop, and some rap. I sometimes listen to rap music like Eminem. My favorite pop singer is Katy Perry. I listen to this music when I want to relax and when I want to sleep. I listen to rock music every day. I listen to it because it gives me some power to do activities. Music is my best friend. I listen to it when I do some things, when I travel, and when I’m feeling bored and I want to have fun. But I have a problem with listening to music when I can’t understand what are they talking about, and when they use a lot of idioms. I love to listen to English music because it helps to learn English. I prefer music with lyrics for the pronunciation and for knowing what they are talking about and to see how words are spelled.

For movies I like to watch action movies because there is a lot of action. I like to watch reality programs like Man Tracker. I love these kinds of movies because they use basic and short conversation. I sometimes prefer comedy movies. I watch these movies when I want to have fun.


I love to listen to music, and my favourite music is pop and Banda. Banda is Mexican music; it’s very nice and enjoyable.  Banda is very popular at parties because this music is good for dancing, but do you need a partner.

I like to watch movies with my friends or with my brother in my free time.  I prefer to see romantic, and comedy movies. My favourite movie is “A Walk to Remember” this movie is beautiful and very sad because it’s about a young couple, he is very popular and respected, but she is very good and friendly, she likes to help others. They are in love, but the problem is, she has cancer, and she died a few months after they were married.

In my house there are a lot of movies because my dad buys and buys movies. He is shopaholic of movies, because there is always a new movie to watch.


I listen to music at home. I am into all kinds of music: pop, banda, rock, salsa, etc.  I enjoy music. Music relaxes me and makes me happy. I enjoy watching videos of many singers on YouTube and some videos are funny.

My favorite genre is pop. I like live concerts. In my country I enjoyed many concerts, but here I don’t have time and it’s very expensive.

I listen to music on my cellphone. I download the music from the Internet.

I like many singers for example, Ricardo Arjona, Ricky Martin, Luis Miguel, Adele, and Madonna.

I don’t like electronic music and protest music.


I like all genres of music but I prefer pop, blues, rock and classical. I love live concerts. I always like listening to music when I work, drive, and study. At home I like to dance and sing to my favorite music. I don’t buy CDs now; I just buy songs on the Internet. When I was studying at university I attended and enjoyed some live concerts for example: Madonna, U2, Metallica, Gun & Roses, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Manson, Depeche Mode, UB40, etc.  I think that everybody enjoys music. Some like to listen during many activities, for example: working, studying, driving, sleeping, walking, running, eating, and taking a shower. At this moment, you can get music on the Internet very easily, quickly, cheaply and also for free. It’s incredible how music changes people’s feelings. I‘d like to know how to write songs.


My favorite music is classical music and slow music because music is life. I like classical music I listen in my home sometimes I visit my friends we listen to music on mp3 and CD players. My favorite artist is Bereket Mengestab. Bereket is a well-known artist in Eritrea. I love Bereket’s songs. I listen to music in my home and my friends’ homes. I bought music CDs in my country in music shops. Sometimes I duplicated (copied) them at home, because the price is expensive in the shop. I owned over 100 CDs of cultural and classical music.

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