Students talk about favourite foods!


We learn about food in Unit 4 of Intermediate A, and of course, it’s a popular topic!  There’s a lot of food vocabulary, and it’s important to learn how to shop for food, as well as how to order food at a restaurant.  Here are some descriptions of favourite food from international students:

I love to eat; I think that eating is my hobby; I eat all the time. I like all kinds of food, but I prefer sweet foods. I eat a lot of desserts here; because my aunt and I make cakes, pies, jellies, and all kinds of desserts to eat, almost three times a week. I’m very happy when I make desserts because it’s very fun, and the time passes quickly. My favorite food is enchiladas, when I went to Mexico in January, all my aunts cooked enchiladas for me, so every day I ate enchiladas. I prefer red enchiladas but I like green enchiladas too. To prepare enchiladas you need tortillas, chicken, chili, cheese, cream, lettuce, and more ingredients. My mother never cooks me enchiladas, because she tells me, “No, I don’t have time, it’s very difficult and when I make enchiladas the stove ends up too dirty”. Because of that, I go to the street and I eat enchiladas there with my friends at night (in Mexico of course). I never ate wings before, here I tried them for the first time and I like them a lot. I prefer the wings at Hooters because the taste is delicious, but I also love the ribs at Tony Roma’s and Earl’s.  I like teriyaki of Edo, it’s very good and these were new treats for me.


A few weeks ago, my wife, her friends and I went downtown to a Greek restaurant for dinner. It’s called “Its All Greek to Me”.  Waiters greeted us when we arrived. That’s really nice and important to me.  There is good ambience and a lovely environment.  But if you have a car, you have a problem because there are no parking stalls for the restaurant.

All the people at my table were Turkish and we like similar foods. We ordered lamb and red wine, but my wife ordered an eggplant dish because she was curious about this food. She cooks eggplant dishes really well. And she didn’t like it, I guess J but she didn’t say anything.

But we like lamb, because it was nicely cooked this time. They served it with mashed potatoes and vegatables.

Their whole menu is Greek food. Greek foods are very similar to Turkish foods, sometimes even the names of dishes. We easily made a decision about what to order.

Prices were not expensive for this food style. I guess $25 between $35 for each person (including tax).  


I like Italian food very much, and my favourite meal is pasta with shrimp. I don’t know to cook it, but my wife cooks it very deliciously. The ingredients are pasta, garlic, shrimp, parsley, parmesan cheese, onion, tomatoes and olive oil. At least one day a week, we eat pasta with wine. Both of us like to eat pasta with wine. In our house we always have a lot of wine. Every Saturday we buy wine in the supermarket. My wife has a pasta machine and we both prepare great pasta in our house!! We have gone to eat at some restaurants but actually we don’t have a favourite Italian restaurant.


I have always liked “La paella”, so a meal that I will enjoy will be:

Appetizer: Marinated clams. The sailor sauce is prepared with garlic, parsley, breadcrumbs, and a little white wine.

After that, the main course “La Paella” can be of meat with vegetables or seafood, I prefer seafood. You can use shrimp, a very little squid, lobster, monkfish, and rice, of course.

Dessert: Brownie with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate.

Beverages: white wine: “Rueda” and for dessert, a glass of red wine: “La Ribera Del Duero”.


Today we’re talking about food. Actually food is very important for us, we cannot live without food, because food gives us many things, such as energy and power.

For me I like to eat different foods from everywhere, and I also like to try traditional and cultural foods.

In our house here in Canada we have a schedule for meals but not a specific schedule. Each week, we eat all kinds of food; we eat soup, dry food, pasta and pizza.

My favourite plate is blended food, with broccoli, olives, eggs, mushrooms, and shrimp, it’s very delicious, and I like this with a soft drink.


Kimchi-JJi-gae is Korea’s most popular food. I like Kimchi-JJi-gae but I haven’t found a Kimchi-JJi-gae restaurant so I made it. How can I make Kimchi-JJi-gae?

  • First, put sesame oil in a heated pot and stir fry kimchi, onion and pork.
  • Second, add water and add kimchi juice.
  • Third, add tofu and let everything cook together.
  • Fourth, add green onion and adjust flavor with powdered red pepper.

I think that Kimchi-JJi-gae and rice are wonderful partners! If I think that if people from other countries eat Kimchi-JJi-gae they will feel spicy and the sweat will stand out in beads upon their foreheads. And I recommend bean-paste pot stew. In my country we call it Toenjang-JJi-gae. Toenjang-JJi-gae is also popular food in Korea and it’s healthy food. Also, I think that Toenjang-JJi-gae and rice are wonderful partners like Kimchi-JJi-gae! I am hungry…

I want to eat kimchi-JJi-gae and Toenjang-JJi-gae!

3 comments on “Students talk about favourite foods!

  1. This post makes me hungry! Food is such a great way to explore and share cultures. We recently had a potluck at our school, and I reflected on how much a culture can speak through its food. Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks! I’ve been saving my students’ writing, and decided it would be best to share it here, on the blog, since it gives new English speakers some easier reading on a variety of subjects. Students often cook their favourite foods to share, when we study food, and that’s always popular!

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