skiing | English with a Twist


Taking the chairlift

skiing | English with a Twist.

You may have noticed that Im pretty crazy about winter and all of the activities that we can enjoy with the snow and ice.  Here’s a great blog post from the UK about skiing, and it will help you to learn a lot of the skiing vocabulary.  It seems that most younger people here try snowboarding, instead of downhill skiing, but a lot of the vocabulary is similar.  A couple of the verbs that are unique to snowboarding are “shredding” and “riding” to describe participating in the sport.  Usually for skiing, we just use “ski” as the verb.  Students want to add “play” before skiing or snowboarding, but that’s not necessary.  We usually use play for team and competitive sports, like volleyball or tennis.  Whatever you call it, make sure to get out and enjoy the winter snow while it lasts.  Our Edmonton hills are safe and easy places to try the skills, and then the Rocky Mountains (Banff or Jasper) are fantastic for spending all day (and a lot of money!) enjoying these sports.


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