Learn about the ISS International Space Station

When we study technology, I like to look at the International Space Station (ISS), and all of the international cooperation that has gone into making this possible.  It’s amazing to me, when I remember the Cold War “Space Race” from my younger years.  The US and USSR fought hard to keep their secrets, and to be the first to cross each new barrier in space.  Now, businesses from around the world are trying to send their goods into space, and people have been living in space throughout this millennium.

This music video by Five For Fighting, and NASA shows the crew living on the space station:

Tonight, I received an email from:


They said that the space station would be visible for 3 minutes tonight at 7:18 pm, so we went out to try to get a look.  In fact, it wasn’t that hard to see the station, even in the city lights, once our “Skyview” smartphone applications told us where to look.  It was just as bright as Jupiter, and it was too high in the sky to be an airplane.


You can learn more about the space station on the simple, or the regular Wikipedia page.

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