Questions and answers about a vacation (Simple Past)


I posted in March about my warm weather trip to San Diego, and I included a lot of photos.  Students have been studying vacations, and Simple Past, so I asked them to write questions to me about my trip.  Here are their questions and my answers.

Hello Ellen, I have some questions about your trip to San Diego, please.

1) What was the main reason for your trip?

-I went to San Diego to meet my friends.

2) How was your trip?

-My trip was awesome.

3) Were the costs of your trip high?

-No, my trip was very affordable. My flight wasn’t expensive, and my hostel and bicycle rental were very inexpensive.

4) I saw your marathon pictures, tell me about it.

-I ran and walked a half marathon (21 kilometres).  I really enjoyed it, but the weather was very hot in San Diego (26C), and we had a very cold winter in Edmonton (-30C), so that was difficult for me.

5) How long was your trip?

-On the way there, I travelled from midnight until 10:30 am.  On the way home, I travelled from 4:30 until 11:30 pm.

6) Who was with you on the journey?

-I travelled alone.

7) I saw some pictures of the beautiful beach.

– Tell me about it.  I really wanted to visit the Pacific Ocean, while I was so close.  There is a short ferry trip from San Diego to Coronado Island, and the beach there is very nice.  The water was warm enough for me to go into the surf.

8) What was the duration of the trip and by what means of transportation did you travel?

-I flew there, and it took 10½ hours on the way there, but only 7 hours on the way back.

9) How was staying there and what about eating and restaurants?

-It was wonderful to visit San Diego.  The restaurants near my hostel were fantastic.

10) Was your trip fun?

– It was lots of fun!


Hi Ellen, tell me about your trip to San Diego.

Did you have fun?

-I had a great time.

So, how was the flight? Did you have many problems in your flight?

-My flights were fine.  My only problem was that my flight to San Diego was cancelled, so I arrived later than I planned.

How long did you stay in San Diego?

-I stayed in San Diego for 4 nights

Where did you go in San Diego?

-I went to the Marine Recruiting Depot, Coronado Island and beach, the Air and Space Museum, the Art Gallery, and the Old Town.  I spent a lot of time in the Gaslamp District, with historical buildings.

Would you recommend any place or restaurant to me?

-I think that the whole city is very nice to visit, and I would really recommend the art gallery, and Nobu Restaurant

What did you do for most of your time?

-I did many different things, visiting my friends, running a race, going bike riding, and looking at the scenery.  It was great to have many different activities to enjoy.

Did you complete a ½ marathon, and how much time did you take to complete it?

-I did complete the half marathon (21.1 kilometres) and it was very hot that day (+26C).  It took me 3½ hours to complete.

What activities did you think were more interesting in San Diego?

-I really enjoyed the downtown area, the art gallery and visiting the ocean.  I’ve heard that the zoo and the marine park are amazing, but I didn’t want to take so much time and money to visit them on this trip.  I wanted to visit Tijuana, Mexico, but I heard that it’s very slow to come back into the USA.


About San Diego

1-Where’s San Diego city?

-In Southern California, on the Mexico border

2- How do I get to San Diego?

-You can fly, or you can drive for a few days.

3-How was your trip to San Diego?

-It was awesome

4-Where did you stay in San Diego?

-I stayed in a hostel, downtown

5-Did you go to there by airplane?

-Yes, I flew there through Houston, and I came back through Seattle

6-Was the hotel good?

-My hostel was amazing, so affordable, and very comfortable and convenient.

7-What did you eat there?

-I ate a lot of Mexican food, seafood, and pizza.  My best meal was at Nobu, a famous Japanese restaurant.

8- Did you have a good trip?

-It was excellent

9-Did you have any problems?

-My only problem was that my flight to get there was cancelled, so I arrived later than I planned.

10-What did you see there that was interesting?

-I loved visiting the ocean, and the Art Gallery was fantastic.

11- Were the people polite?

-Yes, people were quite helpful there.

12- Was the food good?

-The food was fantastic.

13-Was there terrible traffic there?

-No.  I rode a bicycle and I took the bus and trolley to get around.  It was very easy and inexpensive.

14- Did you meet any new people in San Diego?

-Yes, I met people from my online running club, from the November Project club, and at my hostel.

14-I heard San Diego is very beautiful country right?

-It is a pretty city.  I prefer the scenery in San Francisco and Palm Springs, though.

15- Did you have a cruise on the beach?

-I went to the beach by ferry, and I went in the water there.

16-Did you swim at the beach?

-I walked into the water, but I didn’t go swimming.  It’s dangerous to swim alone in the ocean.

17-Was the hotel’s room great?

-I really liked my hostel room.  It was quiet and comfortable, and there were plugs for my computer and phone.

18-Who did you go to with?

-I travelled alone.  I met many friends from other cities, when I arrived.

19-How was the flight?

-The flights were fine.

20-Did you have a safe flight?


21- Actually what did you usually do in San Diego?

-I never went to San Diego before, so I spent a lot of time looking around to see about the environment there.

Thank you so much.


Hello Ellen how are you doing today? Actually I don’t have enough information about San Diego city. But I think San Diego is a very nice city because I saw so many pictures and there were so many people looking very funny and friendly, and then there were so many beaches. I thought you had a beautiful time in San Diego. I think there were so many activities. We can do anything.




Were you happy on your trip?

-Yes, I really enjoyed my trip.

Did you visit the Zoo?

-No, I didn’t visit the zoo.  The San Diego Zoo is very famous, but it’s quite expensive, and it takes a long time to visit.

Did you sleep in a good hotel?

-I stayed at a great hostel.  It was very inexpensive, and the location was so convenient.

Did you visit the museum?

-I visited the space and flight museum and also the art gallery.  The art gallery was amazing.

Did you have a problem at the Mexican border?

-I decided not to go to Mexico, because I heard that it was very slow to return to the USA>

Where did you change planes?

-I changed planes in Houston and Seattle.

Who travelled with you?

-I travelled alone, but I met many friends from the US, while I was in San Diego.

Did you have rain on your trip?

-The weather was hot and dry on my trip.

Did you watch any shows?

-I didn’t attend any shows.

Did you go alone?

-Yes, I did


The art gallery had work by many famous artists, like Salvador Dali.




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