Problems and Solutions: student writing

Problem/solution essays are important in most fields of study and work.  When someone identifies a problem, others want to know how to solve that problem.  These academic students have identified some critical problems, and they’ve recommended solutions.



Sometimes, a lot of countries have a big problem with floods. In my country, near the Ukrainian-Polish border, I can see it every spring. The rivers receive a lot of extra water from long rains or after melting snow and ice. The water from normal parts bed and possibly onto dry land. Very often it is a really huge disaster. During a flood, people should move themselves, but when water is increasing quickly, they need to evacuate.

Floods are dangerous for people, animals and plants. The primary effects of flooding include loss of life, as well as damage to roads, bridges, canals, buildings, and farmers’ lands. That can interrupt normal life for a long period of time.

Flood control is very important before floods start. A lot of countries, including Ukraine, construct canals and reservoirs for regulating water levels. In my country, floods begin, as a rule, in mountainous areas, because deforestation has a big influence on regulating water all year, especially in the spring period. 

For farmers, land is very important, and they need a clever drainage system or drainage canals.

I think the problem with floods is a global international problem and needs more attention. Computer modelling helps us to understand the reasons for floods and helps to prevent them in the future. Every country has a different environment and climate, so governments should spend more money for geological surveys and fighting floods.


In my opinion pollution is a huge problem for everyone but most people are too lazy to take action. Oil is a big source of energy used all over the world, and almost all things that feed our needs like food, clothing and transportation, depend on the oil industry. Maybe the bigger issue is that many people do not even notice this dependence. However, oil is a non-reusable energy resource and as soon as this resource runs out, we will have serious problems.

The agriculture industry is just an example of how we depend on oil. We spend thousands of liters of fuel to produce food. Raising all of the animals that we eat, for example chickens, cows, and pigs, involves feeding them and their food come from other farmers by truck. Then, when these animals are big enough, they are usually taken to slaughterhouses, again by trucks. Finally, all the meat goes to many supermarkets. Even the groceries use a lot of fuel. It is necessary for all of the machinery to plant, irrigate and reap the crops, and then to transport them to the factories.

Because the oil industry generates a lot of money, maybe it will continue working until the investment is not enough to keep the extraction working. This industry is so powerful that there doesn’t seem to be another solution to stop it, even though pollution is changing the natural course of weather and life. These are big reasons to do something for our future.

There are some ways to do something about this problem, such as recycling and reusing old things or materials. In my opinion, it is very important for people to be aware of this problem through newspapers, magazines, television, at school, and at their workplaces. People tend to easily forget how important this problem is. Then, if there were more reuse boxes where people could put their reusable garbage, this could increase the amount of garbage recycled. Or, people could have a bin only for paper and another for plastic in their own houses and therefore could receive a discount in their council taxes.

A healthy environment is crucial for our health and survival. We must do more that we are doing. Awareness of oil dependence is the first step, but everyone has to take action and, maybe the most difficult, to continue taking action!

Poor people in Colombia are a serious problem because they cause many conflicts in the country, and with every one of the population. There is not enough work and that is why there are so many poor people, or also because they could never have a degree, simply because their parents had no money to pay for college or university, and now they are unemployed. It is very sad to see people with nothing to eat and doing crimes like stealing to get food for their children.

Thegovernment is ignorant because they not want to help and they just complain about these people. But this is the government’s fault for stealing all of the money of the population and for not helping people who are in need.

Poor people share the same dreams that we all do: a warm house, enough food to eat and a better life for their children. However, not everyone sees their strengths, and the poor are locked out of opportunities to reach their full potential. And if poverty continues, more peoplewill die ofhunger andviolence will continue to increase.

One solution to the problem of poverty is having free educations and more opportunities for people to work. If the government does not steal more money from the population, and offers assistance to these people, I am sure that would finish poverty.



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