Advice to travellers to a new country (student writing)


Hi M,

T told me you are going to visit Naples, Italy next week for a couple of days. I am writing to you because I want give you some little suggestions that I hope will be useful during your vacation in Naples.  T told me you have booked a room in a B&B somewhere in the oldest part of the town. As you probably already know, people in Naples are very nice, and you will be surprised about their curiosity in getting to know you. Don’t be worried about chaotic traffic. After the first day, everything will be more comfortable for you. Food in Naples is very good; the city is famous for pizzas, and you can find the most original pizzas in the world there. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Pompeii. It’s not so far from the city, so you could reach it in around one hour by bus.

I hope you will have a good vacation in Naples,

See you soon,


Good Morning Mr. Page,

Here below, I would like to list some useful advice during your business trip in Paris. If it’s possible, it will be convenient to book your hotel near the conference building. Once you get to the airport in Paris, first call Mr. Blake’s mobile, and he will pick you up in half an hour.

I am attaching the conference agenda, highlighted in red.

Best Regards,


Hi K,

I know you got married to an Iranian boy and you have a plan to go to Iran for one month. You asked me to tell you something about our culture.  I know H told you something about Iran, but I want to tell you everything in detail. You will be extremely surprised when you go there because our culture is really different from Canadian culture.

I want to tell you how people greet each other when they meet each other for the first time, because I know you never met your husband’s family.  When you meet a female for the first time you can shake hands and kiss her. Three kisses are common in Iran, and some people hug each other for a second, but if he is male, it’s not common to kiss him. You can just shake hands and tell him you are happy to meet him. 

I know if you go there, your husband’s family will want to invite you to their house. Since it’s common in Iran that during the month after a wedding, all of the family has to invite a groom and bride to their house, I think you will go to parties every night!!!

I don’t know H’s family but in some families, people are quite religious, so they don’t drink any alcohol, and after a party they don’t have a dance. However, in some families you can drink alcohol and have a dance.

When they invite you to their house, it’s better to buy a gift for them. In Iran, sweets, cake and flowers are common, and you don’t have to buy them.   



Hi Ellen,

Thank you for sending me a request!

I’ll be so glad, to receive you in my home, and to show you my huge concrete city (Sao Paulo, Brasil), and we will have a lot of fun here!

Since it will be your first time in Brazil, I have some tips to make your trip to my country easier and safer; Follow these tips:

1) When you arrive at the SP airport, please pay attention to the right place to collect your baggage, because sometimes it’s not too clear.

2) Use the airport bus to come to SP. There are a lot of taxis, but they are so expensive since the airport is 1 hour away from SP. Come down to the Avenida Paulista.

3) Let me know what time your flight will arrive in Brazil. I’ll pick you up at the Avenida Paulista.

4) Please bring your credit cards (VISA, MASTER CARD) with you, and some Brazilian currency (Reals) because the dollar isn’t acceptable anywhere here, only reals!

5) I have a map of the city for you and a key to my home, so feel free to go as many places as you can, and anytime! A good way to get to know the city is by using public transport (bus, train and metro), because all of these kinds of transport are connected and also, you can use as many as you can in a period of 2 hours, paying only once, and the price is 3.00 reals (around 1.50 CA). But you need a card to use the transportation called “Bilhete Unico” and I have one to lend to you, but you need to pay in any bus, or metro station.

6) If you walk around the downtown (Centro de SP), please take care of your things, because there are a lot of homeless people in that area, and is safest to go there with simple clothes and a backpack.

7) At bars and restaurants, usually we pay a 10% tip for the service, but we just do it if the service was good. You can decide if you want to pay or not.

8) In almost of all the clubs here there’s a tax to enter, and to stay. Usually they open at 11:00 PM, but the people start to arrive around 11:30 and the clubs close at 7:00 AM. Don’t forget your ID.

9) Brazilians are very communicative, so don’t be afraid if people start to speak with you and want to know about your life. If you don’t feel comfortable just say:  Thank you for asking, I need to run. (A little white lie, but it works).

10) It’s common in Brazil for people to invite you to dinner, to drink beer, or to go out. But being on time is not really customary. If the appointment is 9:00 you should arrive at 9:15, because if you arrive before that, you’ll probably wait! But there are people who arrive on time too. BTW, if you aren’t on time, you don’t need to worry about that.

11) We don’t have taboos about anything; it’s a very open country.

Be my guest to drink some beer with me, and I’ll enjoy telling you more about my country, my city and the best places to visit!

Have a safe trip!

I am waiting for you!






Hi M,

I know that you will come for my birthday party. But you have to know that in my country (Macedonia) the customs are different than in Canada. In my country I must organize everything: buying the birthday cake, getting something to drink and I have more surprises for you because you will be my special guest. Please don’t worry about a gift. In my country just your presence is a gift. Also, for your clothes, most people prefer to come in casual clothes. I prefer that too. Here, you will meet so many people. Usually, they prefer you to call them by their first names. I plan to buy special beer for you. But you must taste our traditional drink “Rakija”, which is made by my grandfather. I think that you will love it J. Don’t worry my friend, take your time, you could come late. JIn my country, punctuality is the worst side of all people. They always come late. Usually we start with rock music and when everyone gets drunk we finish with traditional music from my country. You will see the special traditional dance. I’m sure that you will love it J It will be very funny. Can’t wait to see you.


Hey A,


How are you doing? I’m looking forward to seeing you next Friday. I will pick up you at the airport, in Lisbon, Portugal, by 10am like we planned. After that, I’ll drop you off at the hotel, and we can have lunch there. There is a really nice restaurant, with the best chef in the country.

I would like to suggest that you bring some different kind of clothes with you, like: more formal (because we will go to certain meetings and events), and lots that are informal (because it is summer and we’ll go to the beach, to the mountains, to the river and to different cities).

This is a small country but we have so much to see, from the ocean, to the castles, the churches and the mountains! We’ll go out dancing and have a drink every night if you want, you will see that you will love it 😉


See you soon,

Big hug and kiss****




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