What’s a neural pathway, and why does it matter?

All of my students express frustration about how difficult it is to learn English.  When you begin to learn anything new, you need to  understand that it will ALWAYS be difficult, because it’s something new.  Your brain doesn’t know what to do with this new information, and it just seems really strange.  However, our brains are like soft clay, and we can shape our thoughts and ideas to learn new things, we just need to be calm about the fact that each new thing will be difficult.  As we continue to learn, and repeat new information, our brains organize to accommodate the new ideas and information, and as time goes by, using the new information seems extremely easy.  This is because we have developed new pathways in our brain.  Watch this short video to get an idea of how this works, and take a look at some of the images that explain neural pathways.












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