Longest Day of the Year: Getting out to Elk Island National Park

When I lived in Viet Nam, there were so many things that I really enjoyed and appreciated, but there were also many things that I missed about Canada.  Two things that I really missed were the huge skies that we can easily see in Canada, as well as the peacefulness of our natural environment.  In a city of 8 million people, it was very difficult to find any peace and quiet.  Now, when the summer season begins, I try to get out into nature as often as possible.  I really love camping, because of the many opportunities to see and hear nature all around me.  On my last camping trip, I got “rained out”, when the rain fell heavily, even through my tent.  I bought and used some waterproofing laundry soap after that trip.  I’m pleased to say that it rained quite heavily on this trip as well, but I stayed warm and dry in my tent.

On the way to the campsite, I saw several bison and a coyote, as well as a young Canada Goose family.  At night, many bats flew overhead, feasting on mosquitos. On Saturday, I stayed in my campsite until 7 pm, since it was such a treat to spend all day in a quiet environment.  In the evening, other members of my paddling club joined me to enjoy a fabulous sunset canoe trip around Astotin Lake.  The water was like glass, it was so peaceful, and the sky was full of fantastic cloud patterns and colours, which were reflected on the still lake.  It was a lovely evening to be alive!  I drove quickly up to Lamont, but the stores were closed.  Still, I saw an elk (the first one I’ve ever seen at Elk Island Park!), and a crazy car cemetery, with a sculpture of old limos.  At night, I can just stare at the campfire for hours.

I slept in until 10, both mornings, which is something that I almost never do.  I cooked big breakfasts on my little wood stove, and enjoyed my morning coffee, along with reading a book.  Later in the day, I visited MEC’s Paddlefest at the beach, where I could meet people from many paddling clubs and companies, eat food from a food truck, and there were many different boats available to try.  I really liked the kayak that I tried out.  It was a pretty windy day, so I didn’t try out a standup paddleboard, but there were many that were there to try.

After a weekend away from the hurry and noise of the city, I felt wonderful, and ready to return to my everyday life.

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