A muddy and sunny weekend

There were several muddy swims at the Mud Hero Run in Red Deer

There were several muddy swims at the Mud Hero Run in Red Deer

I love summer weekends!!  There is always so much to do, the days are very long, and the weather is often very good!  This last weekend was another good time.  My daughter asked me if I wanted to do the Mud Hero run in Red Deer.  I never did an obstacle race before, and I was nervous about it, but I checked the information, and it looked like a fun event.  We raced on Friday afternoon, at Canyon Ski Area, just outside of Red Deer, Alberta.  There was a very bad storm for the 24 hours prior to the race, with heavy rain, hail, and lightning.  By the time that we arrived, there was still a little rain, but the storm was over.  However, the heavy rain meant that the whole ski hill was covered with very heavy mud, dirt and water mixed together.  It was a lot of fun, but really, really hard to go up and down the ski hill on so much mud.  My shoes each weighed at least 2 kilos, because there was so much mud on them.  Everyone kept falling down in the mud, and it was really hard to stand up again.  Sometimes, I was just sliding on my bum, or on my knees.  There were many different obstacles on the course, where it was necessary to climb over things, or to swim through muddy water.  Sometimes, I just went around the obstacles, because it wasn’t really safe for me to do them, but I tried to do as many as possible.  The course was 6 kilometres long, but it seemed much longer, because it was so hard to move through the mud.  For the last 2 kilometres, I took off my shoes, because they kept getting stuck in the mud.  I bumped and scraped my toes, my knees, my fingers, and my forehead, as I went through the mud, but finally, I got back to the top of the ski hill, where there were a lot more obstacles!  My daughter and her friends were already waiting at the finish, and I passed them my very wet phone.  After climbing over more stuff and swimming through more mud, I was finished, and I could take a cold shower near the finish.  We drank a beer, but it was quite cold and nearly empty by that time, so we left the area.

I booked camping for the weekend at Twin Lakes Campground, near Crimson Lake Provincial Park, and Rocky Mountain House.  It was still cloudy most of the way over, and I thought that I might be setting up camp in the rain.  However, I picked up some groceries in Rocky Mountain House and then made my way over the campground to find beautiful weather for the rest of the weekend!  It’s very quick now for me to set up my tent, and I also cover it with a tarp every weekend, so that the tent won’t flood too badly if there’s heavy rain.  There was a “super moon” all weekend, really big and bright.  I sleep so well when I’m camping, and I love sitting by a campfire in the evening.  This was the first time that I managed to fit my bicycle into my car, along with my camping supplies, and I had a very nice ride around the quiet campground.  I would really recommend this camping area for people who prefer peace and quiet.  There aren’t a lot of trees around the campground, but the other campers were quiet, and friendly.  My site was on the very end of the campground, so my front door looked out at the long grass.  I rode around the small lake, and I had a refreshing swim in the water, and read my book for a while.  I drove over to Rocky Mountain House to buy some electronic and camping supplies, and I switched my SIM card into an older phone that wasn’t completely wet.  I ate a delicious pizza in a neighbourhood restaurant, and went over to the beach at Crimson Lake.  There was no drinking water at my campground, which was my only complaint about that area.  I grilled a delicious dinner and enjoyed another campfire, before enjoying the super moon and another fantastic sleep.

The next day, it was more fantastic weather, and I enjoyed a relaxing morning at the campsite, before taking down my site.  I went back to Crimson Lake to launch my canoe, and to swim in the lake.  There were Whiskeyjacks (Canadian Grey Jays) at the campsite, and a family of 4 loons on the lake. By now, my fingers and toes were starting to feel pretty good again, after Friday’s race.  Still, I really enjoyed an epsom salt bath after getting home.  As I spend more weekends camping, it takes less and less time for me to pack and unpack after each trip.

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