17 Small Productivity Habits | Farnam Street


I’ve talked before about how important and useful it can be to build helpful habits.  Once a good behaviour is a habit, it’s not necessary to think about it, it’s a regular part of your routine.  By making small adjustments, you can really change your outcome.  I developed a good habit at the beginning of the year, and then I neglected it, but it’s been pretty easy to return.  Every morning, it takes my coffee 4 minutes to brew.  During that time, I do an 80-second plank (abdominal exercise) and an 80-second squat (lower body exercise).  I know that I’ll be able to sit down with a good cup of coffee and spend time on the internet when I’m finished, but this small habit helps a lot for my strength and conditioning.  This works towards a really big goal of mine, which is being able to do many different physical activities, all year round.  Think about your goals, and small habits which will help you to achieve those goals.

17 Small Productivity Habits | Farnam Street.

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