Fun fall weekend in and around Edmonton

The summer has been a fantastic time of adventure for me, and I’ve spent every single weekend enjoying something new, usually outside the city.  Although I have the most fun in the summer, in many ways, fall is my favourite season.  I always feel like it’s the “New Year”, after many, many years of focussing on the academic calendar, new learning and new activity generally starts at the beginning of September.  I love the fall colours, and it’s nice to have cool evenings.  It’s also a time when our family has often spent time together, with many birthdays and anniversaries, as well as long weekends in September (Labour Day) and October (Thanksgiving).  It feels good to get “back to business” after a summer of recreation and to start to focus on new goals and learning.

One positive change has been my return to regular attendance at November Project Canada.  I love meeting this group of active, positive people for outdoor activity 3 mornings/week, at 6 am!  Friday was hills at Emily Murphy Park, Monday we exercised with the women’s hockey team at MacEwan University, and this morning we did stairs at Commonwealth Stadium, where the Edmonton Eskimos play CFL Football.  It was hard for me to attend regularly in the summer, when I was doing so much travelling, but now it’s easy to go to bed earlier, when it’s dark early, and it feels good to be back to regular business.  I’ve also spent time washing, drying, and reorganizing all of my camping and canoeing supplies, since I don’t expect to be using them again for a few months.

Saturday was exciting for me, since I’ve wanted to paddle from Devon to Edmonton ever since I moved to Edmonton, many years ago.  This was the first time I was able to do it.  Members of the Ceyana Canoe Club made a plan to do this day trip, and we met in Devon at 10 to take cars to Laurier Park in Edmonton.  After returning to Edmonton in 2 vehicles, we all set out down the river.  There were 2 kayaks and 7 canoes, and we spent close to 6 hours travelling the 34 kilometres back towards Edmonton.  One of the members baked a carrot cake to share with us all, and everyone brought lunch.  We were all pretty tired at the end, especially since it was easier for the kayaks to go quickly, and we tried to keep up with them!

I didn’t really have any plans for Sunday, except for continuing to cook and clean.  However, one of the November Project members sent out a tweet about going for a “leisure” bike ride in the afternoon, and the weather was just gorgeous!  I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to ride with other people, and the 4 of us got out for a couple of hours, riding 20 kilometres up and down the river valley.

Finally, one of my Meetup group members suggested spending the evening on a patio of a nearby pub and restaurant, to enjoy a beautiful evening.  It was lovely to enjoy the evening with a group of happy people, cold beer, and good food!

Enjoy the fall, it’s a magical time of year!

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