Silk Road Edmonton is open!

Lots of students miss specific foods from home, and spices are a very important part of what makes food “taste right” for a lot of us. Here’s a new store that is dedicated to spices, so perhaps you can find just the right food there. Please comment if you searched for a food from home around Edmonton and you finally found it. Brazilians search for a specific condensed milk and rump steak, Italians want specific cheeses, Venezuelans want to make arepas. What about you?

The Silk Road Spice Merchant

Those with good memories will know that way back in February, we announced that we would be opening a shop in Edmonton. We made the announcement because we had signed a lease and word was getting out whether we wanted it to or not. But we knew that we wouldn’t be ready to open until late summer at the earliest, and since February, the team has been fielding near-daily inquiries from impatient spice lovers in beautiful Edmonton.

Well, it’s been a long summer and we’re a few weeks behind schedule, but the wait is finally over! Silk Road Edmonton officially opens tomorrow, October 9.

We couldn’t be more excited for this. We have a great new team here in Edmonton. They’ve been on the job for about a week, setting up, stocking the shelves, getting to know the spices, getting to know the business and the way we operate, and getting…

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