Free Fun with my Favourite Funny Fellow

Once a week, I usually spend time with my favourite 2-year-old.  Because he’s only 2, he really prefers to be running around almost all of the time.  I find that he’s really, really happy to go almost everywhere, as long as he can run around a little bit.  Luckily, there are many parks all over the city where he can do that safely.  As well, there are days when different attractions are open for free.  That’s perfect for us, because I don’t really want to spend a lot of money to chase a 2-year-old around.  Once we get in, he’s often really interested, but it’s funny what he decides is the most interesting!  At the art gallery, he loved the stairs and the elevator.  At the Muttart Conservatory, he was crazy about the pebble floor.  When we couldn’t get into the pool at Commonwealth and at MacEwan, he checked out the vending machines, the lockers, the large, open spaces, and the automatic doors.  2-year-olds see the world a little bit differently than adults!

My little buddy loves to splash in puddles.  One pair of rubber boots cost about $10, and he uses them whenever there is water on the ground!

All along the river valley, there are staircases, usually with about 200 stairs.  Apparently that’s not too many for a 2-year-old to climb, although sometimes they like a lift!  There are so many areas with trails, trees, hills, and bridges, and the little guy is always excited about exploring.

Sometimes we go indoors to enjoy the attractions, and the little guy loves to explore.

Do you have children, all the time, or some of the time?  What are some of your favourite free, or inexpensive activities with them?

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