Process essays: write about the steps to do something (student writing)


Often, my students write very well about a wide range of interesting subjects, and readers of this blog are usually quite interested in what they have to say.  These are recent essays that students wrote about how to do something:


Canada is considered the land of opportunity for many people around the world. If your destination is Canada, there are many things that you must know about their regulations in order to obtain legal status in the country. There are three main statuses to be in this amazing country for a determined period of time: a study permit, a work permit, or a visitor visa.

First, if a foreigner wants to stay in Canada as a student, the candidate must apply for a program of study in an official institute. In Alberta, for example, University of Alberta, NAIT College and MacEwan University have designation as official institutions. After that, the candidate must show proof of financial support to stay in the country during her studies. Finally, the candidate can apply for a student visa, using an online application or in the Canadian Embassy in her country of origin.

The second option to be in Canada is as a worker. In this case, the candidate must apply for a work permit. First, the candidate must show a job offer with a Canadian Employer. Then, the candidate must show links with her country of origin. In other words, the candidate has to prove that she has strong reasons to return to her country after finishing her status in Canada. Finally, the candidate can apply for a work permit.

The last option is stay in Canada is as a visitor. This is the easiest way to come to Canada. This country is always willing to receive tourists from many countries around the world. For this reason, if you want to enjoy landscapes, beautiful cities and enjoyable people, you can apply easily for a visa as a visitor.

In conclusion, Canada has many options for foreigners to stay for a determinate time in order to enjoy, study or work in the country.

A lot of students want to take courses in colleges or universities but some do not know how they should start. Based on my experience, I am going to explain how you can register for a program at Norquest College.

First, go to the website and look through all the courses and program details like requirements for admission to decide which programs to take.

After you choose a program, you need to download an application form from the website and fill it out completely.

Then, mail the form with all the documents, such as your high school transcript, which are required for admission to the registrar of Norquest, or you can submit it in person during weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. I would recommend you visit the office rather than mailing because you need to pay a $60 application fee and they do not accept cheques.

The next step is waiting for the mail that includes your student ID and temporary password. It usually takes 1 to 2 weeks.

Finally, after you get a Norquest student ID and password, you must make your account and email address because that will be the only way that the school contacts you. If you have some questions about your program or anything else, you can ask them through email. Besides, by sending an email, they will let you know if your application is accepted or not.

So, these are steps you need to take for registering a program in Norquest. It is very easy to follow, so now take your time and just do it.


As you know, here in Canada people celebrate Thanksgiving Day. I moved here three months ago and last week was my first Thanksgiving Day. The landlady invited my husband and me to have dinner with her and some other friends. We had a really good time and also we ate a lot that day.

The next day, she asked me for help because she wanted to make a soup with the turkey bones. That was weird for me because I thought she had thrown the bones in the garbage. However, I decided to help her and she explained the steps to cook the soup to me. Trust me, it was really delicious! Now I know how to make it and I will give you the steps:

First of all, you have to peel off very well the bones, which means take off all the meat. After that, you put the bones into the oven to toast them. This process is very useful if you want to have more flavour in the soup.

While you are toasting the bones, you can put in the stove a pot full of water, and then you can add carrots, onions and salt.

After that, when the bones are done, you mix them with all the ingredients and let them boil for at least two hours.

Finally, when they have cooked, you can add whatever vegetables you want. Also you can add some pieces of turkey and spices.

It’s optional if you want to add rice.

As you could see is not a hard recipe, and also you are using every single part of the turkey. Try it!




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