Learn to LISTEN LIKE A BABY to improve your ENGLISH really FAST

Most of you will want to work on all of your skills, while you are improving your English, but take some time every week to just spend time where you can listen to normal conversations and “listen like a baby”. Coffee shops are excellent for this, and if you commute by bus or train, take your earbuds out from time to time, just to listen to the people around you. At first, you’ll only recognize a few words (I recognize Spanish numbers on advertisements), and suddenly, you’ll realize you can follow a whole conversation between strangers!


listen like a baby

(Photo credit http://bit.ly/1t7eLze)

Okay first of all I want you to know that I am not going to give you the usual information of – watch tv in English, make a commitment to speak only in English, write, read and listen only to English….you know the usual stuff…Yes we all know these.

I am going to tell you something different.

I want you to think about how you learned to speak as a child.  Could you speak as soon as you came out of your mother? (Sorry if you didn’t know but you weren’t born under a gooseberry bush). No. So how did you learn to speak, and in particular, speak ….your language (maybe it was English, maybe French, Arabic, Swahili…whatever).

Babies can’t talk right? So they cry, they scream, they squeal and they gurgle, because they don’t know any other way to make sure they are heard and…

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