Just Layer Up | November Project

Lots of my students believe that it’s not possible to exercise outside in the winter.  It’s kind of scary to go outside in the snow and ice when you’ve always lived in a tropical country, but it’s SO much fun to be active out in the snow, and it can be very comfortable, if you dress correctly.  This blog post shows you all of the layers you should wear, in lots of detail.  Look for the vocabulary for clothes that you need.  Just for going to and from school, you need to start with boots, a warm winter jacket, mitts or gloves, a scarf and a toque.  For more fun, start getting the items in the post.  We survived 3 mornings a week of 6 am exercise outdoors last winter, with plenty of mornings of -30 degree weather.  Come on out and have fun, meet great people, and defeat winter!

Middle layers for winter exercise

Just Layer Up | November Project.

2 comments on “Just Layer Up | November Project

    • Thanks! I reblogged the post by November Project Canada, since they show you step-by-step how to dress for the season. In many ways, I prefer getting outside in the winter!

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