Things I wish I knew before moving to other country

This is a really nice message about some ways to survive a move to a new country, and enjoy it! For my English students, just a note that in English, we don’t capitalize any form of “you”, only “I”. I think that the reason for that is because “I” is used as a name. The same thing happens when we talk about our family members. When we use “Mom”, or “Grandpa” as a name, it’s capitalized, but when we’re just talking generally about an aunt or a dad, we don’t capitalize the words. Enjoy the message, and think about what you have done, and what you can do, to make your move a little easier!

By elleninsaigon Posted in esl

2 comments on “Things I wish I knew before moving to other country

  1. Hi Ellen! Thank You so much for showing support and reblogging my post. Your blog is awesome and it feels amazing to know that You liked mine enough to share. As well, thanks for the comment about capital letters – it was something that I did not know.
    Cheers! 🙂

    • Hi,

      There are so many things to learn about English, it can really be overwhelming. I always like students to focus on what they’re learning, instead of where they are having trouble.

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