Student Writing: how to improve your studying

I have a very good learning/study technique:

I started to learn English forty years ago when I studied in junior high school. I rode my bicycle to school every day. My English teacher always gave us about ten new vocabulary words every day. And we had a test the next morning. Students did not have much time to study them. I used to read them once before class finished. Then, I picked five words from the list, and I repeated thinking about these words and saying them out loud to myself all the time, whatever I did, while cleaning or walking. Students had to clean up inside and outside the classroom before leaving, and it took almost half an hour to finish it. I actually remembered these five words by the time I had finished cleaning. I read the other five words again before I got on my bicycle. It would take twenty minutes to ride to my house. I spelled these five words, and then used my brain to memorize them, spoke them out loud, and repeated them again and again. I had ten words in my mind by the time I got home. I studied them one more time before I went to bed, and studied them again the next morning, before class began. That was what I did for learning new vocabulary. I should use the same method to study again. I guess that I could study while taking the bus and even while cooking in the kitchen too.

In the last 50 years, education has experienced great leaps in different aspects. Although many educational institutions still use basic methods, modern and advanced technologies are important to help students to accelerate the process of learning. Some people believe that the pen and paper method is not the correct way to test students’ abilities, but others believe this path is still working.

First, the primitive way of learning is no longer used in many universities and schools because of the great advances being made. There are many fields that have been discovered which require skills related to thinking, practicing and observing. Using old means to evaluate them is no longer workable. The world has seen countless developments in areas such as medicine, engineering and economics so assessing them will need more than a pen and paper and such things may obstruct learners.

On the other hand, ancient ways have been contributing in numerous subjects. It tests the ability of the student in different features and in helping them to express their opinions more easily. It also strengthens the relationship between pupils and their books, which has become very weak recently. Despite the size of the accomplishments, this way is very important.

In conclusion, pen and paper tests have their advantages and disadvantages but educational institutions should use a variety of methods to help students compete and achieve more. People with disabilities would suffer more from the use of old, pen and paper exams.

Good learning technique

I usually review something that I have learned and studied, in order to make it mine. First of all, I have 2 notebooks. One for some simple memos that I think are important to me during class. After class, I reorganize and rewrite them in another note. When I write them again, I can think again and it helps me to remember and reminds me of what I learned. Once I complete the notebook, I try to read it again and again. Whenever I cannot understand something, I search in my textbook or on webpages on the computer. Especially today, there is a lot of information and useful data on the internet. Searching various resources helps me to make sense of new information, because they each explain the information in their own easy way. Therefore, I can find the easiest way to understand and memorize something for myself. Finally, after making some knowledge mine, I try to make some quizzes for myself. If I can answer the questions, the knowledge becomes mine, but if I cannot answer enough, it is not mine yet so I have to try to review it again. Repetition is good for memorization and I think that this is the best way for me to study.
Tips for retention of some information

Sometimes we need to remember some things or information. Perhaps we know it, but we can’t quite catch it.
Time is a very important thing for this because some people can remember things quickly and other people can’t and they sometimes remember more quickly than at other times. This is because of people’s attention to the new things.

Some people make a relationship between things they need to remember and music, thoughts, objects, smells, their new ideas, or that mood they had when they studied or read. I had an idea; if you want to remember a good time in your life you can keep that in your finger, and when you need that time or feeling, you can touch your finger where you “kept” that memory, and you’ll remember it.

Sometimes we’re happy if we meet with people who we like or love. The big problem is when we remember some things or people that we don’t like. Here we need to forget and have a really good time.

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