4 Reasons Why Grammar is Worth Learning

As my students improve their English, they often recognize the importance of good grammar understanding and use. Many times, they realize that they have misunderstood people, and answered incorrectly because they didn’t recognize the “clues” that grammar provided. One example is a simple question, “Do you mind if I smoke?”. You would answer, “Yes, I mind”, or “No, I don’t mind”.

english expressions

Many people are hesitant to learn grammar because it contains a lot of complicated rules and can be rather dull. But if you remember why it’s important to learn the basics of grammar, you can have fun learning about it. So why is grammar so important? Here are a few reasons:

download (2)1. Mistakes Could Be Disastrous
For the most part, when you make a grammatical mistake, no one will say anything (or even notice). But if you’re sending a very important text or email, explaining why you’re late to work or even describing allergies to your doctor, grammar is vital. For example, look at how tenses completely change the meaning of the sentence:

“I have a very serious nut allergy.”  VS  “I had a very serious nut allergy.”

If your doctor or someone else thought you had a serious nut allergy, they might put you at risk thinking it’s no longer…

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