Get your driver’s license in a strange country and language! Student writing

When students arrive in Canada, they often need to get a new drivers license, to be able to drive here. This can be very stressful, and maybe it seems impossible to achieve this goal. However, this student shares her experience, and proves that when you work step-by-step, you can achieve goals that seem impossible!

How to get a driver’s licence in Alberta:

I arrived in Edmonton 4 years ago. Although, I didn’t have a drivers licence, and I didn’t know English, I had an aim. I decided I would get this document even if I had to work hard on this.

I picked the Driver’s Handbook up from the Registry- yes this was my first step to my goal, but I didn’t understand anything from the book, only a few words. So I started first to focus on English, I had an oportunity to take an English course so I didn’t let it go. After one and half years, I looked at that book from time to time. I started to understand more, and then I decided to go to the second step – I went to the registry and I took the written test on the computer. I understood that my English was still poor but I could learn more from the real test. Fortunately, taking the written test is cheap. It only cost me $18 each time. I took many tests online but they were completely different and much easier than the real test. I tried three times and I failed, but the fourth time I decided not to rush with the answers and to wait until I really understood the questions. It worked and I got my “class 7”. It was not too easy, but I got it!

Yes, I had my class 7 driver’s licence so, could I drive a car, and go to the third step? It was not that easy, since I didn’t have a teacher. Although my boyfriend is a professional driver, unfortunately he is a bad teacher, and I was in trouble. I was desperate, because one year had already passed. I had my class 7 but I didn’t have a teacher or driving experience in a car.

I wanted to get my class 5 driver’s licence!!!

I resolved that problem as well, and this was my fourth step. On the internet I found Noble Driving School, which was not too expensive but quite helpful. I paid for the full course, including 15 hours in-class and 10 hours driving, so I paid around $650. I purchased 8 extra hours ($50/hour) because after 10 hours, I still didn’t feel confident enough to take a road test. My course took time, but finally I took a road test, which cost me around $90. I failed it the first time, but the secoud time I passed it.


I got the class 5 graduated driver’s licence, – this was my fifth step. Now I need one more step to get Advanced class 5 license, but for that I have to wait one more year.

My dream came true, and the impossible became possible, once again.

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