Eating in Canada without a grocery store or restaurant Student Writing

One of my students from Germany explained how his family eats.  Here is his story:


Here in Canada, I get a lot of my own food, without going to a restaurant or supermarket all the time. My hobbies are hunting and fishing, so I catch, kill, and butcher a lot of my own meat and seafood. The fish in Canada are similar to the fish in Germany, but they look a little bit different. I often hunt for elk, deer, rabbits, and grouse. I haven’t gotten a draw for a moose. After I catch an animal, my friend butchers the meat at his farm. He also butchers other animals that I buy, including bison, and pig. Next weekend, we will make our own sausage from a pig that I bought, as well as the wild game that we killed. I shot a bear last year, and kept the fur, as well as eating some of the meat. That was very exciting for me because the cost to shoot a bear in Europe is very high. I had to pay someone to prepare the fur, but it was worth it.

Sheep in the field, near Chip Lake

Sheep in the field, near Chip Lake

Sheep in the pen

Sheep in the pen

I have a friend who lives west of Edmonton, near Wildwood. He lets me grow vegetables on his land, including tomatoes, potatoes, beets, carrots, onions, cucumber, string beans, peas, parsley, rhubarb, and lettuce. I also raise some sheep, turkeys, and chickens (broilers: 3.5 Kg), and I have laying hens that lay about 2 dozen eggs/day. Another friend has a cold cellar under his house, so we store a lot of vegetables at his house. All winter, we can eat fresh vegetables that we grew in the summer.

At my friend’s farm, I built a small house that I can live in. It is 2x2x2 metres in dimension, and it is 5 metres above the ground. I built the house with particle board and 2x4s and added 3 windows, as well as some insulation. I can live in this house all weekend, even in -40 degrees in the winter since it has a gas heater. In the fall, we go hunting in the area, with a group of 6-7 people. We all camp together at night, but we go in separate directions during the day to hunt.


At home, my wife and I like to make everything homemade, so I bake whole-grain bread, with a sourdough starter. My wife makes sauerkraut, borscht, and perogies. She cooks almost everything at home.


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