World Sledge Hockey Championship: student writing


On Saturday night, I attended my first live sporting event. In my hometown, we don’t have arenas or stadiums to watch sports. My family isn’t interested in watching sports, but I have friends who like watching. Recently, there were international sledge hockey championships in Edmonton. Most of the players have disabilities so they play hockey in a small sled (sledge).

My friends and I attended the Russia-USA game on Sunday. It was so exciting, and we cheered very hard. The game was tied for most of the game. First one team would score, and then the other team would catch up. I was shocked about how aggressive the American players were. Once, the Russian goalie was holding the puck, and an American player was hitting him with his stick. 2 Russians beat up that player, but they got penalties and the American didn’t. Even though the Russians had only 3 players on the ice, and the US had 5, the Americans didn’t score a goal.

In the end, the Americans scored the final goal, and they won the game. The Russian players applauded us, and thanked us for supporting them. I was really surprised about that. Watching the game was really exciting, and today, there’s a championship game between Russia and Canada, so I’ll be back to support my team with my friends!

Now, I’m still a Russian citizen, and I don’t have residency in Canada. Now, I’ll cheer for Russia. However, I really love Canada, and probably in the future, I’ll be a Canadian citizen, and then, I’ll probably cheer for Canada. Today, I won’t really be disappointed if either team wins since I love both countries.

teams on the ice before faceoff

teams on the ice before faceoff

An injured player

An injured player

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