A Huge Political Change, in Previously Right-Wing Alberta

Alberta has been conservative “blue” since before most of you were born (44 years).  That changed dramatically last night, in an election that was nicknamed “Orange Crush”.  The New Democrat Party have often been the opposition, but with a maximum of 16 seats out of 87.  There are many probable reasons for the huge change last night.  Many people felt that the Progressive Conservative party only benefitted their wealthy friends, with the lowest personal and corporate taxes in Canada, and very low oil royalty rates.  As well, there have been many scandals in the PC party.  My hope is that the vote reflects a desire by ordinary Albertans to be much more socially responsible with the wealth of natural resources that this province contains, particularly the Oil Sands.  This is a whole new world for Alberta, and it’s incredibly exciting to see the dawn of this new day!


It’s funny that this morning, after a very warm and sunny spring, snow is falling heavily, prompting many Edmontonians to say, “Hell has frozen over”.  This is a popular idiom, meaning that something nobody ever expected has happened.


By elleninsaigon Posted in esl

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