National Geographic recommends…  That you visit Edmonton this summer!

Visit Edmonton!

When people arrive in Edmonton from another part of the world, they often complain that the city is boring and cold.  During the winter, it is dark for a long time, and the weather is cold.  You often won’t see people out on the streets during the winter months.  However, from  the May long weekend (third Monday in May, just finished), until Labour Day (first Monday in September), there are so many choices of activities that you can’t possibly enjoy them all!!

Visit the River Valley, where you can walk, run, ride a bicycle, or just drive your car to a park for a picnic, a Barbecue, or just to relax.  Our ribbon of green runs the full length of the city, so you can spend your full day there, if you want.

Go to our leisure centres, indoor and outdoor sports facilities throughout the city.  I’ve never visited another city with so many swimming pools!  Play basketball, kick a soccer ball, play tennis, or walk on a track.  You can keep healthy and have fun.  There are competitions in all kinds of sports, including triathlon, dragon boat, slowpitch baseball, street basketball, ultimate frisbee, you name it.  There’s no good reason to stay inside your house or apartment during the summer!


FESTIVALS!  Edmonton is known as festival city, and it’s hard to believe how many kinds of festivals we have here! The Sikh Parade was on the weekend, the Children’s Festival is coming up, and Edmonton’s Fringe Festival in August was the first, and is the largest theatre festival in North America.

Cultural exchange: Do you want to eat injera (Ethipian), practice Capoeira (Brazilian), learn to play Chinese chess, watch a pow wow (Indigenous Canadian dance competition), pray in a Buddhist temple, enjoy fresh perogies from Ukraine, or pasta from Italy?  Do you want to learn a new language or skill?  You can do all of these things on the same weekend, without travelling too far from the city centre.  People from every corner of the world have made Edmonton home, and now, they are happy to share their traditions and culture here.  The Edmonton Heritage Festival is a very popular time to see, taste, and hear many different cultures.  Personally, I avoid the crowds on that weekend, and visit many small businesses and activities all through the year.

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