Suspect’s arrest ‘literally took my breath away’: Amanda Lindhout

A House in the Sky is a very interesting memoir, which was written by Albertan woman, Amanda Lindhout about her experiences of being kidnapped and held hostage in Somalia. Although she faced many terrifying situations, Amanda wrote about her experiences in an inspiring and optimistic fashion, and her resilience and optimism is amazing. Lindhout wrote about the extensive work that was done by Canadian authorities to try to ensure her safety, and to end her captivity, but the government won’t provide ransom money, which was all that really motivated her captors. Now, 7 years after she was kidnapped, Lindhout received news that one of her captors was arrested in Canada. You can see that she has very mixed feelings about his arrest. On the one hand, she is thrilled that he will face justice, after the terrible way that his actions affected her and her family. On the other hand, she will be re-traumatized by the trial, when she will be forced to relive all of the worst moments of her captivity in a public forum. I recommend reading Lindhout’s book, for more information about what happened.

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