Winter’s Coming: Books2Buy | Edmonton Public Library & Winter sales



We are having a very long, warm fall this year, but one day, the snow will fall, and it will be winter.  Get ready now, so you can be comfortable during our long, dark season.  One thing that really helps is having good books to read, movies to watch, and music to listen to.  Stock up now, at the Edmonton Library Books2Buy sales, the best deal in town for reading material.  Only $1 for kids’ materials and softcover books, and $2 for adult hardcover books.  On Sundays, you can fill a box with books, CDs, or DVDs for only $10!  Go to Whitemud this weekend, and downtown (Stanley Milner) on November 13-15.Source: Books2Buy | Edmonton Public Library

What about going outside in the winter?  I highly recommend it.  You will be very bored, lonely, and depressed if you stay home all winter.  However, if you want to get outside in temperatures that are below zero (freezing) you will need warm clothes and good boots.  Visit the stores and make sure that you can cover your hands, your ears, and your face when the weather is very cold.  Now, you can go outside and try a new sport!

There are several sales for second-hand sports equipment, and stores where you can buy used, or lower-cost equipment.  Snow Valley just had their ski swap last weekend, and it was VERY crowded and popular.  This weekend, the Edmonton Ski Club will sell used equipment at the Edmonton Ski & Snowboard Show 2015 at the Edmonton Expo Centre, Northlands.

November 1, MEC Snowfest 2015 will happen at Mountain Equipment Co-op on 124 Street and 102 Avenue.  You can try to find used gear, and you can take a class or meet people from outdoors clubs that day.

If you want to get skates, snowshoes, skis, or a snowboard, you can also check at Totem Outdoor Outfitters Edmonton or United Cycle Edmonton where it’s possible to buy used or new equipment.  Finally, if you want to buy new equipment for yourself, but you don’t want to spend too much money, then check out Canadian Tire, WalMart, or Costco.  Equipment will be lower cost but will be adequate quality for trying out a new activity.  Choose a winter sport: skating, snowshoeing, skiing (downhill or cross country) or snowboarding, and at least try one of those.  You might find a new love!

Happy Winter!

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