HOPES, DREAMS, THOUGHTS, BELIEFS (noun clauses), Reading Choices, & Embedded Questions (Student Writing)

Our Upper Intermediate class goes into a lot of unfamiliar and tricky grammar points. Although these points can be very frustrating, I believe it’s worth taking time to understand them, so that you can communicate with people around you at a higher level. Noun clauses & embedded questions is one of these points. Here are some examples from student writing.

-I hope that one day the world will be without violence. Everyone will be like a family, always helping each other.
-I hope I can take my driver’s license soon. This will make a big difference for my life.
-My big dream is travelling around the world, or at least visiting China, Thailand, Italy, and Portugal. And I also have a dream of jumping with a parachute.
-I believe that, if you are a positive person, everything in your life will be good. Good thoughts bring good ways.
-I believe that summer will be very hot this year.
When I was a child I believed in Santa Claus and every Christmas I put my stocking in the window for Santa Claus to bring a gift to me.

-I believe that having pets is a good thing for your health. All my life I have had cats since I was 7-years-old. I remember how I spent time with them. The name of my first cat was Liborio, and he was good company. Now I have one cat and one dog, and that was one of my dreams. I always thought if a dog and cat lived together they would fight all the time. But not my pets! They are best friends, they play together and it’s so funny to watch it.

-I hope that the New Year will be the best for all people in the world and I think that if I want something I should get it because nothing is beyond reach. I believe that God is here and helps me to do everything.

-I dream that my son will succeed in his work and his life and I decided that I would teach him all the good things about life. I know that he has good talent and he has the ability to learn

-I hope that find a good house in Ottawa because we should be moving there in 3 months. I hope that I learn to drive as soon as possible. I think that my family will come visit me in the next year and I need their protection in my life.

-I feel that this class helps me because I think that my language is much better than last week and I can that explain my feelings better.

We plan to travel tomorrow morning to Vancouver and I dream that we will have a good time in the city.

Reading math books
Dear Teacher,

I like math books because when I am reading them, I understand them very well. Yesterday, I borrowed a grade 10 Math book from Edmonton Public Library. I think that the EPL says, “you have three weeks”, and I see that after three weeks I can renew. I was wondering if they would say no.
Thank you,

The title of the book that I am reading this season is, “la Guerra civil contada para jovenes”. That book is the last book that was written by Arturo Perez Reverte. The name of the writer is Arturo Perez Reverte. He is a famous Spanish-language writer. He was a good war journalist.

The book talks about what happened a long time ago, between 1936 and 1939. There was a bad civil war that happened in Spain. A lot of people died, including brothers. Also, homes were destroyed, the country was ruined, and so many people escaped and were refugees in other countries.

The reason that this writer is still famous after almost 80 years is because he wants everybody to be aware of what happened.
When I was a child, I dreamed that I would be a flight attendant. And I believed that I would visit many countries. But I couldn’t be a flight attendant because I was too short. I had another dream that I wanted to live in another country. I never expected that I would live in Canada and become a nanny. After I arrived here, the government changed the rules. I was worried that I would need to go back to my country. I still can’t believe that I’m working in another country. My parents, sister, families and friends thought that I’d come back to Japan quickly. They thought that I would quit school. However, I’m happy that I can stay here and study. I found out that if I try my best, dreams come true. I want to keep trying! I dream that someday my family and I will travel together in Canada!


-I hope that I find a good job when I go back to Spain.
-I dream about getting married, and having a child, but I think that it won’t be easy and that relationships are complicated.
-I believe that some people have problems making important decisions and that they are scared of big changes in their life.

Now that we're in our 90s, I wonder how we can stay alive for longer.

Now that we’re in our 90s, I wonder how we can stay alive for longer.

1. Can you tell why you want to learn English?
She would like to learn all languages.
2. Could you tell me who is your English teacher?
My English teacher is Ellen.
3. Do you know where I can find cheap clothes?
She told me I can find cheap clothes in WalMart.
4. I wonder where you live?
She lives in the downtown area.
5. Can you tell me when you came to Canada?
She came to Canada four years ago.

Tell me why you are still in Canada?
I’m still here because I like this country

I’ve been wondering who took revenge in your neighbourhood?
I do not know who took revenge to my neighbourhood.

I’d like to know what are you doing here in Canada?
I am making money here in Canada.

Could you tell me what the difference between Canada and Japan is?
The differences between Canada and Japan are the language and the culture.

Tell me when you decided to come to Canada?
I decided to come to Canada in 2014.

I wonder why the people here in Canada are very beautiful?
The people here in Canada are only beautiful because of their eyes.

Tel me if I can I go to college if I speak English very well.
If you speak English very well, you can go to college.

Can you tell me where the best restaurant here in Edmonton is?
Yes, I can tell you where the best restaurant is here in Edmonton.
Do you know who the director of this school is?
Yes, I know who the director of this school is.

Questions and Answers
1. Tell me why you are studying English.
I am studying English because it is the first language in Canada.
2. Tell me when you first studied the English language.
I started to study the English language three weeks ago.
3. Do you know when spring will start?
Yes, I know that spring will start in April.
4. Tell me how many siblings you have?
I have sixteen siblings.

1. Tell me why you like Edmonton. I like Edmonton because of the weather.
2. Tell me what kind of music you like. I like pop music.
3. Can you tell me why you like Paulo Coelho’s books? I like them because they are fast reads and they have a spiritual message.

Do you know where City Centre Mall is?
It is in downtown Edmonton.

Do you know whose baked this cake?
My mother baked this cake

Can you tell me when I can see you?
You can see me tomorrow afternoon.

Can you tell me where the restroom is?
The restroom is over there.

Could you tell me where I can find a good restaurant in Edmonton?
You can go to Wildflower restaurant on 107 Street.

Could you tell me what this is?
This is my English book.

Questions and answers

Tell me why you cut your hair. He told me that he found his hair too long and he wanted it to be easier to take care of.
He told me, “I’ve been wondering who will win the United States election.” I told him that I hope that Donald Trump will not win the US election.

Tell me when you bought this coat. She told me that she bought it in October 2015.

Do you know where Banff is? He hesitated and he told me that Banff is west of Edmonton.

Tell me if you like this class. She told me yes because she likes the teacher, Ellen.
She asked me if I can tell her where the restrooms are. I told her where the restrooms are.

Tell me what your favourite color is. She told me that she prefers the colour red.
She told me: “I wonder if it will rain this week.” I said that I didn’t know but I hope it will be sunny tomorrow.

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