A few things I miss about #YEG

These are the thoughts of a formerly local occupational therapist on returning to Edmonton for a short visit. I’ll add a few points that are important to me:
-Ethnicity/culture: Other cities have a mix of cultures and backgrounds, but I find that Edmonton has really embraced its multicultural nature. It’s amazing to be able to eat/buy foods from so many continents/countries within a very small area. There are so many amazing festivals, celebrations, languages all around me here.
-LONG, sunny, summer nights! Other than a handful of cities that are North of 60, we have the longest summer days in a larger urban area. I love the light!
-Recreational facilities: When I visit a new city, I usually check to see where swimming pools and gyms are located. They’re generally VERY limited. Edmonton has an excellent range of recreational facilities, which are easy to get to, almost anywhere in the city. The same is true of small parks and playgrounds, as well as picnic areas. Even the long stairwells all up and down the river valley provide numerous opportunities to get fit and see some nature.
-Skill sharing: this city has a huge number of classes, clubs and cultural organizations where you can learn beekeeping, yoga, writing, languages, you name it. If you know a skill, you can easily share it with willing students.

Whether you’re visiting Edmonton, or living here your whole life, there’s a lot to love!

Robin Mazumder

If you couldn’t tell from my social media channels, I was in Edmonton last week. I was in town to facilitate a workshop on lean community building for the Alberta Council For Disability Services. I was particularly excited to facilitate that workshop because of the time I spent on a community mental health team working with Edmontonians with developmental disabilities. While working on that team, I found that social isolation and exclusion were huge issues. I think community building projects are a viable way to promote social connection, and so the opportunity to talk to the amazing people working on the front lines in disability services was a wonderful opportunity to share some ideas with people who can really make a difference in our communities.

My trip back to Edmonton was a bit of a rush of feelings. You never really realize how much attachment you have to a…

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