Fall paddling: Athabasca River, Vega Ferry-Smith, AB

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What a fantastic summer I’ve enjoyed in 2014!  One of the members of Ceyana Canoe Club is trying to canoe the whole length of the Athabasca River in Alberta.  He proposed a 95 kilometre trip between Vega Ferry and Smith, Alberta.  A few weeks ago, we paddled from Fort Assiniboine to Vega Ferry on the Athabasca, so this trip started where the last trip ended.  Most of us gathered near the Vega Ferry on Friday night, and camped in the county campground.  Last week’s weather was terrible, with huge snowstorms in a lot of the province, so it was hard to get excited about outdoor activities.  The rain continued in Edmonton on Friday, but it was dry by the time that we got to Vega.  The campsite has a covered cook shelter, and a fire was already burning when I started to set up my new tent in the dark…

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