Hypothermia and How to Avoid it.

If you have been reading my stories about my hiking and canoeing adventures, you may have read about my canoe trip in Lakeland Provincial Park, on the September long weekend. For this trip, I joined the lovely people of Fort MacMurray’s Borealis Canoe Club, and we had a lovely adventure.  However, on our first day, I became mildly to moderately hypothermic.  In the morning, I was locked out of my car for several hours, so I was cool and I didn’t eat a very hearty breakfast (my food and cooking supplies were in my locked car.  After meeting the crew, we started portaging and then canoeing to our campsite in cold and rainy weather (a few degrees above freezing).  I was okay for the first couple of hours, but then my “waterproof breathable” jacket and all of my clothing became completely saturated with cold water.  When I arrived at the campsite, I knew that I was in trouble and I set up my tent and changed into dry clothing as quickly as possible.  I came out when I was dry to eat some lunch, but I returned to the tent very quickly when I realized that the rain and wind were continuing to be very heavy.  I knew that I would be in serious trouble if my dry clothing became wet.  For the next 16 hours, I stayed in my tent, trying to get warm again.  The combination of a little food, low temperatures and being completely wet made this very difficult for me.  I slept for about 6 hours, wearing all my warmest clothes and my sleeping bag.  Finally, I was warm again.  Even the next morning, I had almost no appetite.  Luckily, I felt fine the next day, and no evacuations were necessary.  There is a lot of information in this article about preventing, recognizing, and treating hypothermia.

What is hypothermia? How do you get hypothermia? How do you avoid hypothermia?

Source: Hypothermia and How to Avoid it.

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2 comments on “Hypothermia and How to Avoid it.

  1. I was okay afterwards, but I was really glad that I knew the signs and treatment for hypothermia so I could take care of myself and not have serious problems!

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