Colorful Golden Globes

North American people come from many different parts of the world.  They have many backgrounds, religions, stories, and colours.  However, most of the people we see the most are one colour: white.  Especially in politics and entertainment, advertising and in the upper parts of the business world. Almost all white, and usually male.  Last night’s Gold Globe awards were an interesting change.  Many of the winners and presenters were not white, and most of them had something to say about that.  If you have the time and interest, watch and listen to some of the speeches and comments.

The female winner for a comedy was Tracee Ellis Ross for her role in the show “Black-ish”:

Tracee Ellis Ross Dedicated Her Golden Globe to Women of Color

The winner for best movie was Moonlight:

Viola Davis won best supporting actress after 5 nominations for her performance in “Fences”:

Dev Patel and his young costar Sunny Pawar introduced their movie, “Lion”. based on a true story about an Indian boy who was adopted by Australian parents. He didn’t speak any English when he began filming the movie.


Donald Glover won as the creator and as the star of a TV comedy, Atlanta.






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