Reading is wonderful!

I’m working with my students to just read for enjoyment because there is so much that you learn about language when it is just you and words that all go together.  Here is a wonderful story about how a homeless teenager became a world-famous author because he wandered into a library and began to read.richard-wagamesebig

Richard Wagamese has had a successful career as a journalist and author, and his books, including Indian Horse and Medicine Walk, have earned him accolades across Canada.

But Richard may never have become a writer, were it not for the kindness of a group of librarians in St. Catharines, Ontario, where he stumbled into the public library at the age of 16, seeking shelter and refuge from a life on the streets.

Richard talks to Candy about books that shaped him as a reader and a writer and gives an update on an upcoming movie based on one of his books.

How a Library Helped Richard Wagamese Become a Writer

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3 comments on “Reading is wonderful!

  1. I spend a lot of energy encouraging my students to read…newspaper articles, magazine articles, ESL readers, young adult books, adult books, books originally written in their language and translated into English (so the names will be much easier for them to understand and remember). I am glad other ESL teachers think it is valuable.

    • I agree! I like that Richard’s responses are slow and clear so I could listen to this interview with elementary level students and pause at different points to check for meaning. They definitely got the point of the value of reading!

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