Ride Recap: Critical Lass Rides to Peddler Anniversary Party

Not too long before I was planning to come to Seattle, I sent a tweet to Madi Carlson, a very enthusiastic Seattle cyclist, to ask if we could plan a ride together. She didn’t just plan to meet me for a ride, but she organized a complete women’s ride, that worked for my sister and I as well as 6 other women, to ride around and see some sights in Seattle!

I checked out choices for bicycle rental and contacted Pedal Anywhere. The owner delivered our bicycles with a cargo bike and also gave us a cycling map for Seattle. He returned to pick up our bikes at the end of the day and accepted our payment at that time.

In the middle, we had a great adventure! I would have been quite nervous about taking the city streets without a local guide. There are many bike lanes in Seattle, but it’s not very clear where and how we should turn to stay on them. We passed Google and Amazon on our ride and we saw a lot of waterfront.

Seattle Critical Lass

We had a terrific Critical Lass Ride to the Peddler Anniversary Party.
See all the photos here:
Flickr album: Critical Lass Rides to Peddler Anniversary Party – March 25, 2017 – 57 photos.

The weather was gorgeous for our group of eight. Starting at Pike Place Market was fun, but it’s more congested than our usual meeting spots.

I made a couple adjustments to the planned route…here’s our 10.4-mile almost loop. The construction on 4th is worse than the construction on 6th currently, so we sadly skipped biking by the oversized Popsicles on 6th, but got a great look at the Amazon biospheres on 4th.

Using 6th also makes for an easy right turn onto the one-block-long protected bike lane of Blanchard. It’s not really worth taking if coming from farther west. Also, it makes for an awkward Copenhagen Left (also called a two-stage left turn)…

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